Is non-invasive pain relief treatment that is based on simple scientific concepts. It offers relief from the physical, emotional, and chronic pain. NIMMOCARE goes beyond the treatment of symptoms to eliminate the cause of pain, promoting healing and preventing recurrence. This is a soft tissue technique that focuses on trigger points. Trigger points are small, contracted “knots” in muscles which may produce local tenderness or referred pain. Trigger points are generally found through palpation examination by a skilled practitioner.

Trigger point therapy involves applying direct pressure on the point(s) for variable amounts of time (a few seconds) thus allowing the muscle to relax and acquire its normal length and relaxation tone. The amount of force used is dependent on patient tolerance therefore varies from patient to patient. Your doctor will work with you to find the right amount of pressure suitable for you.

Reducing trigger points allows the bone to which the muscle attaches to move normally to restore proper joint function. Additionally, trigger point therapy allows for restoration of normal muscle tone, flexibility and normal function. Dr. Salik uses NIMMOCARE to help provide patients with relief from headaches, neck pain, TMJ pain and various other musculoskeletal conditions! 

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